Over a period of time plaque and tartar deposits can build up on your teeth. Brushing and flossing alone is not enough.
A professional teeth cleaning is the most effective way to remove these deposits to prevent tooth decay or serious dental damages in the future.
Traditional teeth cleaning involves manually scraping the teeth with a unique dental tools to scrape away deposits. Innovations in dental technologies now leave us with more advanced options for teeth cleaning.

Many patients prefer laser teeth cleaning over manual teeth cleaning because its pain-free, faster, quiet and comfortable.
Laser teeth cleaning is also referred to as ultrasonic cleaning. It involves using an ultrasonic scaler through high frequency sound waves to remove deposits, kill harmful micorbes and bacteria around the teeth and gums.

In cases where excessive plaque and tartar have developed below the gum line, deep cleaning is recommended.
This procedure is also referred to as scaling and root planning and it involves a two-part process. First, the intractable deposits are removed, then the root surfaces are smoothened. This method ensures healthy gum tissues and also helps prevents periodontal disease.